Does your dream of becoming a Physical Therapist sometimes feel like it is slipping away...

...because you feel like you have very little control over whether you will get accepted or not? You are NOT Alone!

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Have you ever thought to yourself...

“Maybe this PT thing won’t happen anymore!”

“This may be a sign that this PT dream might never work out for me.”


Maybe you're struggling with a low GPA and feel like there is very little you can do to become a competitive PT School Applicant...


Maybe you have been rejected by a PT program before or are terrified of getting rejected by a program..


If we are being honest, you may currently feel like your PT school Acceptance is completely out of your control!


Believe us, you're really NOT alone!


If you identify with one or both of the examples above, you are definitely NOT in the "driver’s seat" as a Pre-PT applicant.


But you certainly can be!

Do You Want To Make This The Year of YOUR Acceptance?

Most Pre-PT students go on to spend hundreds of dollars applying to multiple DPT programs with the majority of them having less than 40% confidence that they will actually get accepted that cycle. 

You have been taught that regardless of all the work you put into applying, you really don't have much control over your acceptance into PT school!

The truth is, you actually do.

Let us show you how!


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How To Take The Driver's Seat In Your Pre-PT Acceptance!

This is the ONE thing that most of us as Pre-PT's were never taught was actually possible! Not knowing this has led thousands of former Pre-PT's to give up on their dream!

Looking At Your Pre-PT Mirror & The BEST Steps For You!

Let's be honest, you can't know which action to take next if you don't know where you truly are as an applicant! Let's take a REAL look in your "Pre-PT mirror" so that you don't have to guess on your next BEST move as a Pre-PT!

Be CLEAR On Exactly What To Do Next As A Pre-PT Winner!

Now that you have looked into your personal Pre-PT Mirror, do you know what your next best moves should be in order to give yourself the BEST chance to be accepted? Don't worry, we'll clear that up for you so that you can DOMINATE as an applicant!

Be INSPIRED to take confident action as you meet winning Pre-PT’s just like you!

It's normal to feel down, anxious and stressed as a Pre-PT applicant, especially when you don't know how to take control of your Acceptance! We'll introduce you to other Pre-PT winners who were exactly where you are!

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