What is the Accepted System?

The System We Used To Get Hundreds Of Our Pre-PT Students Accepted into PT School Despite Having Low GPAs, Low GRE Scores, and Previous Rejections!


Did you know that you're loosing $75,000-$100,000 in physical therapy income every year you do not get accepted into PT School?

What is the Accepted System?

  • A proven system and coaching program that helps Pre PT students just like YOU gain the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CONTROL needed to get accepted into PT school without wasting time or money.
  • The Accepted System has achieved acceptance for students with above & below a 3.0 GPAs! Our System trains Pre-PTs to think differently so that they can ultimately fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors of Physical Therapy despite fears, low grades, and uncertainty of the future!
  • The Accepted System is a "Do it With You", Lifetime access system that teaches you the Accepted System Method. Don't waste anymore time or money. Get Accepted into Physical Therapy School!

Your Questions, Answered.

What makes The Accepted System different?

The Accepted System combines coaching, resources, community, accountability, calculated planning, strategic school selection, GRE prep, study strategies, student loan planning and the potential for income generation. All in one simple and easy to use system.

How will The Accepted System make me more successful?

The Accepted System is designed to win the fight against the biggest obstacles to pre pt success. Burnout, feeling alone, procrastination, lack of accountability, disorganization, anxiety, lack of PT profession & PT school knowledge, excessive general information, and a poor articulation of their knowledge & ideas.

How will The Accepted System help me stand out?

The accountability of applying The Accepted System strategies is by far the most successful way the Accepted system will help you stand out & get accepted into PT school. A plan is nothing without action.

Hear from our Accepted System Winners!


Module 1 & 2: Clarity

Gone are the days of guessing and shooting in the dark. It's time to get clear, grounded, and focused. 

Where do I start? What do I do? What's  my next step? What are my GPAs? When should I apply? Where should I apply? Who will even accept me? What should I do next semester?

Have those questions stressed you out or kept you up at night?

After completing these two modules, the path to acceptance will be clear. Now we can move on to building your confidence to walk that path.

(Additional module details further down this page)

Module 3 & 4: Confidence

Confidence is attractive to everyone including DPT programs. However, having confidence is easier said then done, especially when applying to DPT programs.

How do I stand out? Is my GPA good enough? How can I increase my GPA? Will the school even give me a chance? How should I write my essay? How do I get the best reference letter? What do the PT schools really even look for?

After completing these two modules, you will have the confidence to walk on your clarity path to your acceptance.

(Additional module details further down this page)

Module 5 & 6: Control

Now that you have peak confidence… you can now confidently believe that you can have control over your application & future career

What school is best for me? What school will help me reach my PT career goals? How can I manage my undergrad and graduate school loans? What kind of physical therapist do I want to become.

You didn't choose physical therapy just to apply to PT school. You chose it to become a physical therapist.

After completing these two modules, you can finally return to thinking about the real reason you chose physical therapy. Then you can even start thinking of how to make your career a success.

(Additional module details further down this page)


Here's what our Accepted System Alumni had to say about the program!


Here's An Inside Look!

We know you're curious as to what's on the other side. So here's a sneak peak into The Accepted System Coaching Program. Can't wait to see you on the inside!

Accepted System Breakdown

Yes. The Accepted System Is REAL. Listen to more of our alumni here!


Apply To PT School WITH Us From Start To Acceptance! 

14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Pre PT Grind do?
    • Pre PT Grind helps Pre PTs get into school without wasting time or money.
  • How do you do that?
    • By using The Accepted System.
  • What is the Accepted system?
    • A Lifetime access “do it with you” program that encompasses every aspect of the Pre-PT application and gives the applicant every tool they need to be a successful candidate and ultimately get accepted.
  •  What tools and resources does the Accepted System have to help me get accepted into PT school?
    • See the above contents
  • How long will I have access to the Accepted System online lessons and bonus tools?
    • Forever, You have lifetime access to The Accepted System.
  • Is this a monthly subscription product?
    • No. The full price of The Accepted System is stated above. Payment plans are available to structure the price around the needs of clients in different financial situations. 
  • I'm not applying until a next year or the year after, Is now the right time to join?
    • Yes. just like anything else in life, early intervention is key. The earlier we can help, the less stressful the application process becomes.
  • I have other responsibilities, Will I have enough time to benefit from The Accepted System?
    • This program is meant to be a tool to use to your advantage and not a burden.
    • All video lessons are pre recorded. All live masterclass meetings will be available for replay. 24/7 1 on 1 coaching is a tool for you.
    • The application does not control you. You control the application process. We're here to help you take control and get accepted.
  • Are essay revisions included?
    • Yes, unlimited PTCAS essay and supplemental essay revisions are included in The Accepted System.
  • Is mock interview prep included?
    • Yes, online video lessons specifically for the interview and personal 1 on 1 mock interview prep is included in The Accepted system.
  • Does The Accepted System have a resource to help me with the GRE?
    • Yes, The GRE Code is our own GRE prep course included in The Accepted System.
  • What DPT programs have your students been accepted into?

Apply For The Accepted System Coaching Program HERE!

"Applying to DPT programs can be very stressful, but having a resource that lets you know that you are not alone is incredibly helpful. The Pre-PT Grind/Pre-DPT Student groups have been an extremely valuable tool in making my application process a lot smoother than when I first began. The guys over these pages are knowledgeable, and are always willing to help whenever someone has a question. From how to gain acceptance into a program, to how to how to get the most out of the profession once you graduate, it’s all fantastic advice. For anyone that desires to go into Physical Therapy and is having trouble getting started, Pre-PT Grind is definitely the best place to start your journey."

Kennedy Allen

"I was definitely intimidated when I started my PTCAS. Applying to DPT programs is a hard and competitive process. Pre-PT Grind helped it feel not so much. I found other Pre-PT students who had the same fears as me, DPT students with advice from their recent application process, and current PTs with years of experience. I don't feel alone in this process because of Pre-PT Grind's resources. Their essay reviewing is also an amazing help. I would recommend any student wanting to go into PT to work with them!"

Jessica Finney

"Applying to PT school is one of the most stressful process I've ever gone through. Pre-PT Grind are absolutely amazing group of folks. I honestly can't tell you enough how thankful I am to have someone who actually is there to assist me through this process."

BP Nguyen

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