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'START TO WIN' Cheat Sheet

10 key steps to help you win as a Pre-PT. Learn and understand the 10 things that will give you an ADVANTAGE as a Pre-PT Student! Learn how to set your self APART as a DPT school candidate

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Pre PT Success Program

The #1 online course for all Pre-PTs. What would it be like to have everything mapped out for you on your PT Journey? Our all in one exclusive lifetime program covers everything from PTCAS to Finances to low GPA's and more! This course includes over 60 lessons with a private facebook group of winning Pre PTs, SPTs & DPT mentors taking you through our program every step of the way.. We have everything you need to know in order to SET YOURSELF APART as a winning Pre-PT student.

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Coaching Calls & Essay Revisions!

Recalibrate your Pre-PT Compass! Schedule a call with us to get your questions answered and your problems solved. Overwhelmed with the enormous amount of scattered information out there? Set and appointment and ease your anxiety with a 20 minute power call or 50 minute Coaching call! Contact to learn how our essay editing process works.

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Get our "Top 10 Tips to Get into PT School!"

10 things you need to know in order to set yourself apart and set your self up for success.

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"Throughout college I searched to connect with others that were pre-physical therapy students or even in the program already, and no luck. The journey into graduate school is tiresome and you feel like you're the only one going through it. It wasn't until I found the Pre-PT Grind where I completely felt at easy about my journey. They provide you with so much insight, knowledge, tools and advice within the podcasts and the FB group. I can tell that you all are passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I am forever grateful for Casey Coleman and Joses Ngugi for creating this platform for pre-pt students like me. They have some much wisdom to share and I'm just glad to be apart of it. You have made a huge difference in my journey. Keep up the great work !!!"

Bria Jackson
Pre PT Student

"I never would've thought that I could gain so much help from a Facebook group for something so important to me. Pre PT Grind had an offer to review essays. I thought Hey why not. I'm not going to lie I didn't think that it was going to be much help. However, not only were they fast but very thorough! I got very precise and personalized tips to help take my essay to new heights. I can't thank you enough Pre-pt Grind hopefully this review is helpful to others in the same position as me."

Damian Johnson
Pre PT Student

"Impressed by another episode of Pre-PT Grind Podcast! This podcast literally has so many hidden gems and insightful information for aspiring Physical Therapists. Anything you need to know, from where to start, how to stand out, what to expect, and just general preparation. I was looking for something like this two years ago but never found any Physical Therapy Podcasts that catered to people like me who were trying to get insight while preparing! Glad these guys Casey Coleman and Joses Ngugi came up with such an innovative idea! I would encourage the rest of my pre-PT friends to download and give it a listen!"

Maatra Henderson
Pre PT Student


Decide your career path & choose the right program!

A decision is the start of every action, but making the right decision is hard. Choose the right career path & the right program, PT or PTA. We are here to help you.


Preparation is half the battle!

Now that that you have made a decision, it is time to prepare. Plan your strategy to gain acceptance into the DPT program of your choice.


Transform into a Doctor of Physical Therapy student!

Why wait? Use your knowledge as a new DPT student & future physical therapist to change the world. There are people out there waiting for you.

Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Facebook Group

This group was created to unite students across the nation eager to join the physical therapy profession. This group offers tips, support, answers. and mentorship about acceptance into physical therapy school and the physical therapy profession. We all come from different programs which gives us unique perspectives as we collaborate, share information, offer encouragement and help shape the direction of our profession! Please share this group with your favorite PT classmates and do your part to unite and support pre-physical therapy students!

Pre-PT Grind Podcast

Experience is the best teacher, preferably the experiences of others.

A weekly audio experience to serve you on the go. We interview a wide array of guests with unique pre PT experiences to give you a new perspective, important information, and real motivation during your pre PT journey.  Listen to the Pre-PT Grind Podcast on iTunes & Libsyn.

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