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Pre-PT Grind LLC is the product of a Pre-PT Program designed and started in 2013 at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The program, originated by our Pre-PT Grind Co-Founder Joses Ngugi, sought to create a student-led mentorship experience that provided future Doctor of Physical Therapy students with the tools and community needed to not only make it to the next phase of their journey, but THRIVE!

As the Pre-PT Grind, our goal and mission still remains the same. Our aim is to help you navigate through the Pre-PT process, while ultimately becoming Leaders for the next generation of physical therapists. We are here to SERVE you!

Co-Founders of Pre-PT Grind

Dr. Joses Ngugi -  joses@preptgrind.com |  jointpurposefit.com   

Joses Ngugi received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree on August 6, 2017 from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He had the pleasure of serving as class President for all 3 years of his Doctoral degree. Joses was originally born in the beautiful country of Kenya, on the continent of Africa. While he does hold a Batchelor's degree in Health Sciences along with his graduate level DPT degree, his passions go beyond academics. He loves to travel both domestically and internationally, and loves sports with a specific appreciation for the Los Angeles Lakers! Most importantly however, his family and God are number 1 in his life. Joses is also the founder of the soon-to-be released Pre-PT Success program. As a Co-Founder of Pre-PT Grind, it is no secret that Joses has a deep passion to help guide Pre-Physical Therapy students along the journey towards their dreams of not only becoming DPT students, but absolutely phenomenal future clinicians!

Casey Colemancasey@preptgrind.com | caseycolemanpt.wordpress.com

Casey Coleman is originally from Chicago Illinois and currently a doctor of physical therapy student at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He received his bachelor of health science from Andrews University in 2015. He admires the ability of the body to heal itself, with an interest in human biomechanics that respects human anatomy. Casey Coleman is also the social media director and staff writer for newgradphysicaltherapy.com. His mission is to grow the field of physical therapy by mentoring and empowering you, the future leaders of PT, to take the profession to new heights. Outside of physical therapy his hobbies include learning, laughing, music, and sports.

 Meet Our Team

Zaniah Bradshaw: zaniah@preptgrind.com 

Zaniah, also known as Z, is a pre-PT student currently studying Applied Exercise Science at Azusa Pacific University. In June of 2018, she will begin the Loma Linda University DPT program as part of the class of 2021. Zaniah is passionate about serving as a resource to other pre-P.T. students and committed to life –long learning.  In her spare time, Z loves to be spontaneous in exploring cities in Southern California, spending time with friends and family, and being an aspiring foodie. 

 Ben Kim: ben@preptgrind.com 

Ben is a pre-P.T. student who looks to help other pre-P.T. students reach their goals of getting accepted into physical therapy school. Ben also takes interest in marketing techniques to help serve local clinics by creating valuable content and helping them reach their target audiences. He has graduated with a B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Merced, CA and currently lives in Southern California.  On his spare time, Ben loves to spend time with his family and friends, play and watch basketball, read self-development books, and eat at a variety of food places.

Sara Stankoskey: sara@preptgrind.com 

Sara is a former student-athlete that graduated in May 2017 from Illinois State University majoring in Exercise Science. In May 2018, she will start her PT journey as a student in Rosalind Franklin University’s DPT program in North Chicago. Sara has an interest in helping others be the best version of themselves, reach goals, and step outside their comfort zone. In her free time, she likes attending concerts, watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, and playing soccer.

 Chloe Moreno: chloe@preptgrind.com  

Chloe Moreno is a current 2nd year PT student at the University of South Florida, originally from Chicago Illinois. She is also a dog mom to her puppy Bennett. Chloe applied to PT school 3 times before finally getting accepted and in doing so she gained a plethora of knowledge about the application process. Since becoming accepted in to PT school she made a promise to help others achieve their goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. Chloe has helped students by reviewing essays, resumes, and perfecting interview strategies. Chloe is looking forward to helping you on your journey and can't wait to watch you grow!



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