What others are saying about Pre-PT Grind 

   Kennedy Allen - Pre PT student

"Applying to DPT programs can be very stressful, but having a resource that lets you know that you are not alone is incredibly helpful. The Pre-PT Grind/Pre-DPT Student groups have been an extremely valuable tool in making my application process a lot smoother than when I first began. The guys over these pages are knowledgeable, and are always willing to help whenever someone has a question. The tips and helpful hints that are given out during their podcasts have also been a huge asset personally. From how to gain acceptance into a program, to how to how to get the most out of the profession once you graduate, it’s all fantastic advice. Anyone that is willing to take time out of their life to help others achieve their goals is someone that should be recognized for their impact, and these guys are exactly that. For anyone that desires to go into Physical Therapy and is having trouble getting started, Pre-PT Grind is definitely the best place to start your journey."


  Dawnette E Waters - Pre PT student

"You gentlemen have been a huge source of inspiration during this pre-pt journey!! I commend and admire your dedication to ensuring that each pre-pt student puts their best foot forward and is unwavering in their pursuit should they not be accepted the first go round. Your content motivates each subsequent cohort of PT students to both uphold and exceed the standards and expectations as future Doctors of Physical Therapy. This journey has been daunting, however, this community has helped to quell many of my fears and have faith that everything will work out in the time that it is meant to. Many blessings to you all!"


   Kunga Chemi - Pre PT Student

This desperate kid right here needed someone to do a mock interview for pt school (considering my interview is in few days). Casey Coleman took his time to help a nobody like me for about an hour and half, and pretty much dedicate his free time to do a mock interview with me (via phone!), as well as give out pointers on how I could better answer specific questions. Can't really appreciate enough for what he has done for me. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best!


  Meaghan Schneider - Pre PT Student

"I just stumbled upon this podcast through iTunes and I never expected such a great outlet for Pre-PT students! They are willing to answer any and all questions we have, they are very knowledgeable on in the field and I really love it when they bring guests in to discuss various topics in terms of the career field! Lots of great tips and pointers for students applying and getting ready to apply, even questioning if PT is for them!!! Thank you Casey and Joses for all that you do and continue to do!"


  Bridget Gioiello - Pre PT Student

"I truly can't imagine going through the application process without this page/company. The staff are all so helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They ensure the best version of you is shown in your application, and are always available to answer questions. I'm so lucky to have found this page just before the application opened! They are always putting out great info in their podcasts too. Highly recommend following this page, you won't be disappointed!"


   Sahil Gandhi - Pre PT Student

"I would have to say that I am lucky to find such an amazing group of people who strive to the best of the best. These guys are truly amazing sharing their journey and answering any questions that we have. I have been following this group for about 2 months or so and I honestly look forward to getting a notification from this group. I'm preparing to apply to physical therapy schools this summer and will definitely look to these guys for advice. It truly is a grind and I know that I am not alone!"


   Andrew Rioveros - Pre PT Student

"Glad to have found this group that are passionate to helping others reach their goals and dreams. Podcasts are filled with great advice and awesome speakers. Pre-PT Grind is always on top about giving quality info. Keep up the good work and keep grinding."


   Tristan Ezeoke - Pre PT Student

"Casey and Joses continue to provide value inside of their pre-dpt student group which is amazing to me. Casey personally called me to get me into one of the greatest PT courses called SSPT with Greg Todd. These are things I'll never forget, and I can easily tell that these guys will continue to be game changers in the field of physical therapy!"


   Bria Jackson - Pre PT Student

"Throughout college I searched to connect with others that were pre-physical therapy students or even in the program already, and no luck. The journey into graduate school is tiresome and you feel like you're the only one going through it. It wasn't until I found the Pre-PT Grind where I completely felt at easy about my journey. They provide you with so much insight, knowledge, tools and advice within the podcasts and the FB group. I can tell that you all are passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I am forever grateful for Casey Coleman and Jose Ngugi for creating this platform for pre-pt students like me. They have some much wisdom to share and I'm just glad to be apart of it. You have made a huge difference in my journey. Keep up the great work !!!"


   Zach Baxter - Pre PT student

I don't even know where to begin.Months ago I began the process of creating my PTCAS application. I had some pretty average attributes and had no idea what to do to make myself more appealing to the admission committees. I distinctly one day coming across a post of Molly Knight, a then third year student at the University of South Florida, offering to mentor prospective pre-PT students. I admit, I was a little skeptical, I mean how much could she have actually helped me? Still, what could I have to possibly lose? I decided to send her a message and a couple of weeks later we met. The rest, you could say was history.

Molly has helped me transform my average application into a stellar one. From giving me tips to perfect my personal statement, to helping me find undergraduate research, she has gone above and beyond what I had expected and has been an invaluable mentor. She has since introduced me to Pre-PT Grind, where I have been exposed to an amazing network of people who support each other, and where I have gained so much more knowledge and insight into the admissions process and PT community.

Months later, Molly, or should I say Dr. Knight, has since graduated from her program and is busy starting her career, still finding the time to help myself and everyone else here. As for myself, I have just been accepted into my first program, in addition to having scheduled two more interviews in the near future. I am confident that I would not be in the position I am in now without the guidance of Molly or the people of Pre-PT Grind.

This is truly one of the best resources available for prospective students looking to get into PT. The people who run this page really want whats best for you, and go out of their way to ensure your success. I can't thank you all enough. Keep up the good work! Keep inspiring! Keep grinding!


   Cody Wales - MBA Marketing

"Pre-PT Grind is focused on an area that's really underserved - the students looking to enter or getting ready to enter PT school. The podcasts and live chats are filled with great, insightful content - I look forward to seeing what comes next as the company grows."


   Jordan Mather: CEO - Healthsnaps

"These guys are amazingly driven and intelligent men who just want to help their fellow PT students. Really fun to listen to. I highly recommend listening to Pre-PT Grind! Keep up the great work fellas!"


   Maatra Henderson - Pre PT Student

"Impressed by another episode of Pre-PT Grind Podcast! This podcast literally has so many hidden gems and insightful information for aspiring Physical Therapists. Anything you need to know, from where to start, how to stand out, what to expect, and just general preparation. I was looking for something like this two years ago but never found any Physical Therapy Podcasts that catered to people like me who were trying to get insight while preparing! Glad these guys Casey Coleman and Joses Ngugi came up with such an innovative idea! I would encourage the rest of my pre-PT friends to download and give it a listen!"


   Funda Buthelezi-Estes - Pre PT Student

"The Pre-PT Grind is a valuable Website for individuals who are currently applying for grad schools. They are truly amazing; taking time out of their busy schedule to help others like me who are going through this process. I can't thank them enough for what they do and the positivity they spread through their podcast and social media. For anyone who wants to pursue physical therapy in the future, I recommend them to plug in and listen to what Pre-PT Grind has to say."


   Damian Johnson - Pre PT Student

"I never would've thought that I could gain so much help from a Facebook group for something so important to me. Pre PT Grind had an offer to review essays. I thought Hey why not. I'm not going to lie I didn't think that it was going to be much help. However, not only were they fast but very thorough! I got very precise and personalized tips to help take my essay to new heights. I can't thank you enough Pre-pt Grind hopefully this review is helpful to others in the same position as me."


   Louise Bangoy: CEO - Smart Virtual Staff

"If you are looking into being a physical therapist or a DPT, Pre-PT grind helps your decide on which school, course or program you should take, they help you prepare not only academically but also the mindset and transform you from an average student to a WINNING student."


  Aaron Taylor - Pre PT Student

Shout out to Casey Coleman for taking the time out his busy schedule to hit me up and give me some vital information. This entire crew is awesome. Been pulling through in the clutch since I've started following. Between all of the guest on the podcast giving us information and networking opportunities to the essay writing reviews and just information in general. Keep doing what y'all doing. If you're in this group and you haven't actually taken the time to truly connect with these young men do so. They will spit some knowledge at you. Thank you guys!


   Anthony Maritato: Owner - Total Therapy Solutions

"This group is a tremendous resource for both pre-PT students and established physical therapists. The content they are producing is top notch and anyone looking to learn should be in this group or sharing this group."


   Monica Deutsch - Pre PT Student

"This group does everything they can to help out fellow PrePT students! Don't know what I'd do without it!"


   Brian Ishola - Pre PT Student

"Great group! Helped me with my personal statement; making it more concise and helping me add vital information. If you have any questions about Pre-PT, this is the place to look for answers."


   Nanami Mano - Pre PT Students

"I found Pre-PT Grind (through Yusra, s/o to her too!) as I was preparing to apply this cycle and I'm so glad that I did. I can't thank them enough for what they do and the words they spread on their podcasts/social media. It's neat to get to hear new perspectives regarding the profession and it's quite inspirational. They've been especially helpful with editing/providing me direction in my personal statement. If you are applying to DPT programs or thinking PT, I 10/10 recommend utilizing their resources!"


   Gabby Mace - Pre PT Student

"This is one of the best resources for any pre-pt student. Yusra Iftikhar initially told me about one of Greg Todd's videos. After I watched it, I did some research on Facebook and found the pre-pt grind. All the resources they provide are amazing. I can't thank Casey and Joses enough for helping everyone through the process of applying for PT school or just general questions. Connecting with students around the country has been so beneficial because you learn others are going through the same process as you!"


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