PTCAS Essay Lab

Create and evolve your PTCAS essay for physical therapy school acceptance!

What our students said after the lab

  • "I have direction!", "I cried tears of joy!"
  • "I finally know what to write!", " essay is like...80% done already..."

If you want to feel like this then join us!

Inside the Lab

  • The PTCAS essay lab is a virtual workshop where we will write the ENTIRE PTCAS essay together! Plus a couple bonus supplemental essays as well.
  • We will take your past experiences and turn them into a box office hit movie that will impress the admissions committee and help you stand out.
  • Let's make this fun, simple, and easy.


  • 2 revisions of the PTCAS Essay. Revisions completed in 0 - 72 hours.
  • Revision done by Physical Therapists & PT students.
  • What's included in the revisions? Everything, you deserve the best so we give the best.
    • Content ideas, Grammar and structure, Sentence rephrasing, Reducing the character limit, etc..

Custom Packages & Additional Essays

  • Greater than 500 words (~2,500 characters) = $45.00 (2 revisions per essay)
  • Less than 500 words (~2,500 characters) = $22.50 (2 revisions per essay)
  • Email us at to proceed with your custom order

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