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Who Are We?

Hey! We are Pre-PT Grind, LLC...well actually, that's our business. We are Joses Ngugi PT, DPT and Casey Coleman, PT, DPT. We are both physical therapists who realized back in undergrad, that many pre pts struggled to get into PT school.

Our Solution: We've created the Pre PT Grind Method to help pre pts understand the ins & outs of the PT application process to prevent them from wasting, time, money, and effort during the application process.

Our Passion: To grow the physical therapy profession starting with the ones most likely to create change, YOU, the Pre PT. The literal future of physical therapy.


Where Our Students Have Been Accepted!

Our students have been accepted into many amazing programs across the United States and Canada. Here are just a few of them.

What Are People Saying About Working With Us?


Pre-PT Grind Podcast

Experience is the best teacher, preferably the experiences of others.

A weekly audio experience to serve you on the go. We interview a wide array of guests with unique pre PT experiences to give you a new perspective, important information, and real motivation during your pre PT journey.  Listen to the Pre-PT Grind Podcast on iTunes & Libsyn.


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