Did you know that you are loosing $75,000-$100,000 in lost physical therapy income every year you do not get accepted into PT School? Join Kickstarter and save $75k-100k.
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The Mini Course to Get You Into PT School!


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


What's Inside Kickstarter?

15 video lessons to kickstart your application process! Cover the basic essentials to set yourself apart your competition and stand out! Kickstart your application & Get Accepted!

Course Highlights Below

Vision & Mindset

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not good enough to get into PT school?

Learn the critical reasons to why having the right mindset a vision for the future is vital to your acceptance into physical therapy school.

Perfect Fit Method Intro

Stand firm in your decisions. Learn the foundational methods on how choose the right PT program(s) for YOU!

Learn how to research effectively and be confident in your decisions. Don't let what you see online sway your decisions.

Winning Academics

Key ideas to strategically reboot your academics. Don't waste time or money on classes that don't matter and methods that don't work. Give yourself the best chance at getting into PT School.

Kickstart your Pre-PT Journey with the basic essentials to get accepted into Physical Therapy School! #Save100k

The Interview: 3 part series

Congratulations! This is the program confirming their decision to accept you. Once you get to the interview you should feel like you've already been accepted.

Learn the basics to nail the interview. Common sense tips (common sense isn't always common practice), How to answer questions,  & what questions to ask

5 Steps to a Perfect L.O.R

Your reputation is defined by what is said about you when you're not in the room, and your reference letter is just that.

Learn the 5 steps to have your L.O.R reflect your ability to succeed as a DPT student and future physical therapist.

Get the inside scoop on what a licensed physical therapist (who's written 15 LOR's just this cycle) looks for in students before writing a stellar L.O.R for them.


My goodness! We can't be the only ones who have struggled with PTCAS... What's important? What's not? Where do I find that answer again? Who do I call for this?

Say no more, let's cover the basics of PTCAS.

Inside Look

Just a small photo from inside the course. This is because we know you're curious as to what's on the other side and you want to know what you're getting yourself into before you decide to kickstart with Pre PT Grind. See you inside!

Did you know that you are loosing $75,000-$100,000 in lost physical therapy income every year you do not get accepted into PT School? Join Kickstarter and save $75k-100k.

"Pre PT Grind is the one stop shop for everything pre physical therapy related. From questions on admissions, what to look for in a program and essay editing, you name it. The whole crew is knowledgeable and honest and if they don’t know the answer to something they will find someone who does. I am glad that I found this group and I think I have increased my chances of getting into PT school tremendously."

Farimang Touray Jr
Pre-PT Student

"You gentlemen have been a huge source of inspiration during this pre-pt journey!! I commend and admire your dedication to ensuring that each pre-pt student puts their best foot forward and is unwavering in their pursuit should they not be accepted the first go round. Your content motivates each subsequent cohort of PT students to both uphold and exceed the standards and expectations as future Doctors of Physical Therapy. This journey has been daunting, however, this community has helped to quell many of my fears and have faith that everything will work out in the time that it is meant to. Many blessings to you all!"

Dawnette E Waters
Pre-PT Student

"If you are even slightly interested in PT, this group is for you. Casey, Joses, and the rest of the Pre-PT Grind team are GREAT resources for everything you need to know as a pre-PT student. Everyone is so approachable and willing to answer any and all questions you have about the application process or about physical therapy in general. I found this page in the beginning stages of my application process this past cycle and could not be more thankful! The podcasts, Facebook Lives, and other articles posted on this page have helped me develop into the best possible applicant I can be! This group is the REAL DEAL!"

Sara Stankoskey
Former Pre-PT Student!

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