4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Making Your Next Move Towards Getting Accepted to Physical Therapy School

For those of you who have applied to physical therapy school and been rejected..it’s a crappy feeling. A range of emotions are flying through your brain, sadness, anger, and fear are just to name a few. What do you do next? First, you need to figure out what you can improve on from the last application cycle. After that game plan is created, there are four questions you need to ask yourself before making your next move towards receiving that acceptance letter.

Question #1: “Why am I doing this?”

It’s a very simple question, but very important nonetheless. Our ‘why’ at Pre-PT Grind is to help as many pre-PTs get into PT school even though everything about the system, from faculty members sometimes even family members, set you up to lose. That's our mission, to help those who want to beat the odds and take the next step to the career they envisioned. Why do you want to become a PT? Is it for your family, supporting your kids, proving someone wrong? Whatever it may be, find your why and use it to fuel and motivate you even when things seem almost impossible. Practice the answer to your why, it might be a question that will be asked during a campus visit or interview. If you can answer this question confidently and with conviction it will help you stand out in the eyes of the interviewers.

Question #2: “What is my confidence level?”

With this question, you have to be very self reflective and honest with yourself. On a scale from 1-10, where 10 is a done deal, 8 is relatively confident, 5 is defensive, how do you feel about your chances of getting in next cycle? Write it down somewhere you will always see it, your phone, on a piece of paper, or on a sticky note. There might be someone who is really confident going in but all it takes is one outside voice, an advisor, a blog, or YouTube video that could give us false confidence or have us losing confidence in ourselves. You have to have that confidence in yourself and the application you are about to submit. But, you have to know everything about your application. Is your overall GPA low, but prerequisite GPA high? Do you have a variety of observation hours? Do you have great letters of recommendation? Are your essays fire? You have to know everything about your application and that's how your confidence builds.

Question #3: "How important is it for me to get in now?”

This is a serious question because if it is not imperative that you get in the next cycle then the urgency with which you do things will not be there. The students we coached last cycle that got accepted into programs all had a high sense of urgency. One pre-PT student in particular was ready to get started with creating his future. He joined the Accepted System, and surrounded himself with a network of other like minded pre-PTs. He also joined Smart Success Physical Therapy and leveled up that way too. This student had urgency, he had a family to support him, he HAD to get in the upcoming cycle because he couldn’t waste anymore time and lose potential earning dollars. Create that urgency and suddenly you lock in and focus on everything that needs to be done before the application cycle opens. You have to ask yourself what you can do with 365 days. A lot can happen, you can start a family, lose weight, buy a house. A year is a lot of time and if you utilize that time effectively, it can do wonders when it becomes time to apply.

Question #4: “Do I really feel like I’m clear on what I need to do next?”

When we talk with pre-PTs on the phone, some don't actually know what needs to happen next for their situation. A lot of the time, we see what everyone else is doing and think that is the answer for us. When it reality every situation is different. Every person is different. Be honest with yourself, do you know what your next step is? If so, great! If not, send us a message at www.contactpreptgrind.com and we will help you with your situation.

This is OUR why - to help YOU! If you want it bad enough, we will help you get accepted. Ask yourselves these four questions and once you can answer them confidently, take a second to notice the clarity that arises in yourself. Take action towards your acceptance, direct it towards what you need to be doing right now to receive that acceptance letter.


Thank You For Your Attention!

As always, please feel free to Contact Us at contactpreptgrind.com and ask us any questions! We are here to serve YOU!



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