Choose Wisely

You need to become the applicant that you would accept. Consider what kind of person you would accept, ask yourself if you are that applicant and work towards becoming that applicant. The type of applicant you become is a choice.

Why does Physical Therapy interest you? 

This is a common question, whether for an interview or an essay but often when answered there is a sense of struggle of trying to pull from something that's not there. The applicant recites things they've heard from other people because they are not that applicant that they would accept. There is something missing, that it factor is not there. They haven't become that person yet, they’re still faking it. 

There are five tips on how to become that applicant.

First, get to know the profession outside of your clinic or one person's perspective. Get to know physical therapy on a deeper level.  Get the perspective from a someone in home health and outpatient. Gain a big picture of what physical...

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You're Running Your Own Race

It is usually a series of actions that lead to you becoming a dominant applicant. As I was running today, I learned five key things that can be applied as a pre-PT.

The first point is that experience always beats ability. When you have experience or done something before, you naturally have confidence in yourself that you don't have when you haven't done it before. As a pre-PT, you must understand that experience is going to be your advantage.

A personal experience, whether good or bad, is still an experience. This experience developed you into a certain type of applicant, whether that's rejection or grades that you struggled with. You can also leverage other peoples’ experiences. You can leverage other Pre-PT’s experiences, whether they are applying to the schools you've applied to, whether they're a year ahead of you, whether it's mentors or whether it’s other physical therapists. There is so much wisdom and experience that allows you to pace yourself properly,...

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The Two Types of People that Hold the Key to Your Acceptance as a Pre-PT

Have you ever been in a situation where things aren't going as planned but you found somebody that helped you change your mindset for the better? Maybe they were able to redirect your focus and give you perspective. You might have found someone that probably had a much harder situation than yours and was able to explain how what they did or went through was far harder than what you're going through right now and it was helpful. That person was one of two people that hold the key to your acceptance.

In our lives, there are two types of people, the enabler and the motivator. You must choose very carefully who you share your frustrations with and who you're going to with your problems. Enabler means “a person or thing that makes something possible.” The very thing you are trying to make possible, the enabler is going to light that fire and make that “something” possible. For example, if you're going to them with the mindset of “I'm never going to get...

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What Are You Preparing Yourself For?

Every part of our journey is preparing us for something. But, are we looking at our current situation in the type of light that would be important to look at it in order to become a successful Pre PT, as we pursue Physical Therapy school? 

Opportunity does not waste its time with people who are not prepared. 

It's going to pass you by and find somebody else who's been working harder than you. Someone who has been prepping more than you because they might have been a little bit more hungry than you are at this time.


You have to be ready for your opportunity.

Depending on where you are in your pre-PT journey, you have to be preparing a little bit different of course. However, you have to see the end goal whether it be your interview day or your acceptance letter day. You have to have that in mind so you are prepared for it when the opportunity comes. You have to prepare for what you're going through now because that next opportunity is focused on today's...

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