What is Your Identity Tied To?


There are so many different things that are in the back of your mind when you're applying as a pre-PT that really affect how you do. Let’s talk about identity crisis. 

An identity crisis is in short, when you have this moment where you really don't know who you are anymore. It's tied to something that really doesn't define you, but you lead yourself to believe it.

What does that mean?

We're all human beings, but as a pre-PT applying to PT school you've been gifted with the ability to be you. When we go through certain obstacles many times we associate those obstacles with who we have become. Whether it's the GRE (fourth time taking it or fifth time taking it) or being rejected and looking at that and saying, “that's just who I am.” You might even be thinking, “last year I applied and I felt like I did everything in my power to have the best possible application. But it just didn't work out. So, I'm trying again this year, but I have even more...

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How to Get a Better Grade

So many times throughout our academic career, we've been trained to either ask the teacher, find a video, or get help from the tutor when we’re struggling. Basically, relying on other people to help us become a better student. Asking for help is a good thing, but, immediately running to others at the first sign of struggle may be a detriment to some people who are struggling with certain classes and other things that may not be working at this time. So, another tactic to think about is whether or not you’re an independent student or a dependent student.

Being independent versus dependent is important because this whole journey is an independent project. Meaning PT school, your board exam, the tests that you take in PT school, even the tests that you take now as Pre-PT students, you're taking them by yourself. So, whether you're a Pre-PT, going into PT school, or even started PT school already, a truth about studying that not a lot of people talk about is the importance...

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Inside The Process of Becoming a Unique Applicant

PT schools: “We want someone unique, different. We want someone who stands out."

Every Pre-PT:  “How should I stand out?”

PT schools: “Oh, just get your GRE up. Get a higher GPA and more observation hours” (the same advice cycle after cycle)

Your professors, your advisors, and the PT schools are saying, “be different" or "be unique.” But then they're giving you the same advice, cycle after cycle, but expect something different. I liken this to the parable that says, basically, “If you're given a fish eat for a day if you're taught how to fish, eat for a lifetime.” They're not really teaching you how to fish. They're just giving you food, they're not teaching you how to hunt. They're just giving you surface-level answers. But not really teaching you anything of substance, then they get frustrated because they're not getting unique, different applicants, then you get frustrated because you listen to them, then you apply with...

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