5 Tips I Learned From Being The Interviewer

Some people are naturally good at interviewing, and others have a really hard time with it. There are so many different aspects of the interview in general, but underneath it all, there’s no getting away from that nervous feeling and those butterflies. 

I want to give you some perspective from the other side, because I've been on the other side of the interview. There are 5 tips that you need to know from the viewpoint of the interviewer.

  1. Just be normal 

Be a likeable human being - as simple and cliche as that might sound. Be confident. SMILE! Use your hands when you talk and look them straight in the eyes when you answer. Be a person that you would like. People like doing business with other people they connect with and like. Don’t overthink it. Shake their hand when you see them for the first time, don’t overlook the simple/little things. It’s all about the first impression.

Think to yourself - what kind of student would you want to accept into...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Retake a "C" Prerequisite Course

A common question that we get here at Pre-PT Grind is, “Should I retake a prerequisite course if I got a C in it?” Is it worth it? Should I do it? Can I slide into PT school without retaking it? Can I save money? Can I say the time, the effort, the anxiety, the stress?

A lot of different factors go into retaking a class. You have to consider the financial aspect of it – do you have to work and save up money for each course you want to retake? You might already be busting your butt working and saving up money. You might be thinking, “do I really need to retake this class? Will it be worth it? All of this money that I'm making, can I save it and keep it for myself? Do I really have to go through another class? If I just retake one, will my GPA increase just enough for me to slide into a PT school?” 

Retaking a prerequisite class has the opportunity to not only increase your GPA, but it can give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that you did...

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Show Up

“You’ll have good days, bad days, overwhelming days, too tired days, I’m awesome days, I can’t go on days. And everyday you’ll still show up.”

“The Flu Game”: 97 NBA FINALS, GAME 5, Michael Jordan showed up to conquer the UTAH JAZZ; 90-88. The legend himself showed up, sick af and still managed to score 38 points that night! This was one of the most memorable moments of Jordan’s career.

But what if he didn’t show up?

I know many of you are in different areas on this journey to your acceptance into physical therapy school. I was in your same exact position a year ago. Looking back on this past year, I wonder where I would be if I decided to stop showing up.

Seriously though, what if I stop showing up to class, GRE study sessions, or coaching calls? What if I stop showing up, because life became “too hard/too much” or if I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I can guarantee you if I had stopped...

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Is Physical Therapy School Worth The Investment?

So you might have thought at some point, is physical therapy school REALLY worth the investment? There have been a lot of conversations and discussions on this topic, and some have been really one-sided. I understand that you have to save money. I understand that you have to be smart with your investments. I understand that you have to be responsible. I understand that you have to think about your future. You have to ultimately make the decision and you have to know exactly what you’re getting into. 

If you’re going into physical therapy uneducated about student loans and student debt, or if you’re going into physical therapy blindly and don’t have some sort of financial plan, is it really worth the investment? Is it the best investment? Maybe, or maybe not. Are there other choices that might be better for you financially? Maybe. 

Now, if you don’t plan on being just an “average” future PT, if you’re looking to have more...

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You Vs. You

"Moving forward on your Pre-PT journey, always remember to be in competition with yourself."

Have you ever compared yourself to others? Compared your value of belongings to another persons belongings? Wished upon something that was totally out of your league at that moment?

I remember when I was younger, and there was one pack of gummy bears left. When I asked my mother if I could have that last bag, she told me I could have it, as long as I shared with my younger sister. Of course like any other older sibling, I was going to make sure I had more gummy bears than she did. My mother knew my objective, so she took it upon herself and split the bag between my sister and I.

From the looks of it, I was at a guaranteed mindset that she had a bigger portion than I did. But that wasn’t the case though, we had an equal amount of gummy bears in our hands.

Before writing this blog to share with you guys, I thought back on this situation and as a kid I did not realize the importance of the...

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Iā€™m Writing This For You- The Finale

"Everyone wants success. However, there are a few of us out there who aren’t willing to prepare for it."

I’m writing this for you. For the one who is looking forward to July 3, 2019. The day PTCAS rolls out it’s red carpet, welcoming all of its applicants. For some, this is unknown territory and for others this could be your second or third time applying.

I know you’re preparing for this day as best as you know how. Maybe you had to retake a couple of classes to get that GPA a tad bit higher. There are some of you who had to retake the GRE, gain more observation hours, or ask that professor for a letter of recommendation.

Whatever it may be. I’m just here to tell you to RELAX. That day is coming, and I know the feeling of anxiety and the pressure that comes with it. You see, you’ve prepared for this and if you prepared accordingly, you’re ready.

"Show them that your foundation is rock solid, and that you’ve been preparing for this day."

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I'm Writing This For You - Part 4

To you, and for you.

"Failure is needed, it hurts to say that out loud, but it is. This is where we can discover the weakest link in ourselves and strive to make that very particular aspect about us better."

To the one who has failed. This can be anything from tests, relationships, unfulfilled promises …and the list continues on forever. But there’s one lesson that failure has taught me, and that’s to not settle and surrender at the altar of failure. It’s easy to give up on something. We’ve all been at the foot of failure, but it’s what we do after this point that determines the overall outcome for us.

I often find myself pondering on what my life would be like at this very moment, if I would have given up on going to physical therapy school to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. To be honest with you, I have no clue how life would be.

Failure is needed, it hurts to say that out loud, but it is. This is where we can discover the weakest link in...

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What's In My Physical Therapy School Backpack

By now, you have carried a backpack through middle school, high school, and college; how could physical therapy school be any different? Here are a few things you can keep on hand so you’re always prepared.

Bag: You don’t have to get fancy. If you commute to and spend all day at school, you may want a bigger bag to take all of your things. However, if you live on campus, you may be able to get away with a smaller choice. Lots of pockets seem to be the best for me.

Laptop: My MacBook Pro is an absolute everyday essential for me. Almost all classes have some sort of online component so you can’t go without a laptop. My snap-on case keeps it protected from scratches. Always keep a charger handy as well.

Phone: C‘mon now…… you’re probably reading this on your phone.

Gait belt & Goniometer: You never know when your teachers will spring a pop quiz where you need to measure hip flexion or ambulate a patient who has...

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I'm Writing This For You - Part 3

To the girl or guy who feels ANXIOUS

I’m there. This week I literally took a left turn onto Anxiety Boulevard. I know you’ve felt this way, one day or another. I just wanted to let you know, that you aren’t alone and that we’ve all been there. The feeling of an uncertain outcome, is where that anxiety starts to kick in full speed in the last gear. Our deepest thoughts become surrounded with the “what if’s” and “but’s”. We start to second guess ourselves and the journey that lies ahead of us.
I’m here to tell you to: Stop and Breathe. This feeling is on us, and it’s up to us to control this feeling. Why do we feel so damn anxious, and how can we settle this feeling?
Is it because we aren’t confident? Is it because we’re lacking this or that? The truth of the matter is that we’re asking ourselves all of these questions, that we’re becoming trapped to all of the unknown...
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I'm Writing This For You - Part 2

To the girl or guy who feels like GIVING UP.

I’ve been there too and the feeling sucks. I know you feel defeated. I know you want to throw in the towel. Everything about this feeling sucks. Maybe you didn’t receive the grade you thought you deserved, or maybe you didn’t get that GRE score needed for that one school. I know how you feel and you aren’t alone. I’ve wanted to give up so many times, and as a matter of fact, I recently felt like giving up.
I finally completed my first week of physical therapy school, and to be honest with you...it was tough. I started to second guess this journey, because of the unfamiliar territory. And I knew that was nothing but my mind playing tricks on me, and I had to tackle this mentality. I made a couple of crucial adjustments, and I reminded myself of why I was here and of my purpose.
I realized that I worked too damn hard to be in this position today, and you have too! Wherever you are on this journey...
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