One THING to look for when ASKING Advice From Others

We all love taking advice from people we love, right? Everybody has an opinion, and getting advice can be a good and dangerous area to play. When taking advice, be very aware of the advice bringing you closer to getting accepted into PTs rather than farther away. A lot of people will give you input on what they think you should be doing right now as a pre-PT. While that can be a good thing from the right person, it can also be a scary thing from the wrong people. It can feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions. You can be taking advice from people that are kind of contradicting each other which becomes overwhelming and messy.

What I want you to do is, especially with people that have never applied to PT school, when they're giving you advice, ask yourself what they're telling me to do, or how they're advising me. Is it bringing me closer to my dream of becoming a physical therapist or, is it taking me away? Understand that when most people are giving you advice, they...

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