Would You Accept Yourself?

Would You Accept Yourself?

I can’t believe I’m actually about to tell you guys this. In all honesty, I'm actually happy I was denied my first time applying to physical therapy school. Yes, I said it. It wasn’t easy accepting this news in the beginning, I mean, who likes being denied anyways? I wasn’t just denied once or twice, but I received nine emails stating, “We regret to inform you." I know, tragic right? Yup, thousands of dollars thrown in the PTCAS and supplemental application offering plates. I never knew what so called  “failure” meant, until I had to face my reality. There were a million questions that ran through my mind, but when I look back on this first attempt at applying to physical therapy school; I’m grateful for the “No’s,” because I wouldn’t have accepted myself.

Yes, I wouldn’t have ACCEPTED myself!

I’m giving you guys my truth right now and looking back on the...

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Believe In Yourself

“Believe in yourself and stand for your dream. Even in the midst of difficult times. You need to maintain the confidence and conviction that you can achieve what you want.” -Anonymous

The only question I have for you is:

Do you believe in yourself?

I really want you to take the time out and think about this question thoroughly. Yes or No. I know it’s not always the easiest thing to do, but without belief in yourself, how can we set a goal out to achieve it.

To believe in yourself is to stay true, to your true self. Not the person I see, not the person your parents see, but your TRUE SELF. Once you’ve learned to stay true to yourself. You have to think about your goals, and what you want to achieve.  I could imagine your biggest goal right now, is getting that acceptance letter with your name on it. 

But, do you believe in yourself?

Recently I had someone reach out to me on Instagram, and they asked me “How Did I get Into Physical Therapy...

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