PT School Is TOO Expensive!

There's one topic in particular that a lot of people question, "I'm considering not doing PT anymore because of how expensive PT school is." If you are locked into physical therapy, great! But if at any point you ever felt this concern, you are not alone and should continue reading. Now, my question to you, have you ever asked yourself that question, even if it was for a split second? But I'm telling you right now, this is a question that most people have asked because of the cost of physical therapy education, and we'll explain a little bit more. The cost of a PT school education has gone up.. people that went to PT school 20 years ago were not paying anywhere close to what most students are paying now, and this is the reality.

I'm not going to lie, PT is pricey, but so are all other health care programs. Do I wish PT school was less expensive? Absolutely! Anything to reduce loads and reduce debt- I'm here for it. But let's understand that this is a massive thing that's...

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