7 Ways to Handle Rejection as a Pre-PT Student

As a pre-PT student, how do you handle hearing "no" from mentors, advisors or even PT programs? It's so easy to become discouraged, unmotivated, and not hopeful when you're told there's not a chance you can do something.

How do we handle being told that we can’t? It really starts by understanding that this journey is filled with a lot of NO’s. Here are 7 ways to handle rejection as a pre-PT student.

1. Remember your “WHY” 

If you haven’t already, you need to find your reason why you want to pursue a career in physical therapy. Did you pick PT because of the patient interactions you've had through observation hours, or because of your own personal experiences with physical therapy? Use YOUR WHY as fuel that drives and motivates you to push through the toughest times. At the end of the day, this is so important and it will be one of the driving factors to help you get over rejections you may face.

2. Do this for yourself

Sometimes we...

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Facing Rejection

"It’s all part of the process."

Ah… the rejection letter. Tough luck, right? Welcome to the biggest reality check! This is the toughest real-world experience to go through and perhaps your biggest fear as a Pre-PT student. Kudos to you if you do not have to face this, especially the pile of rejection letters racking up to the point where you need to re-apply during a future application cycle in order to continue the journey. One of the greatest challenges with applying is that you have to believe in yourself to superb levels and put out the best “you” to demonstrate why you are a good fit for the programs you apply to yet… you need to develop the psychological and emotional tenacity in order to allow for the admissions committees to make their decisions even if it does not include you… yet. So… how do you proceed as a naive, young, bright-eyed applicant? How do you avoid doubting yourself so that DPT Programs have the utmost time...

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