From PTA to DPT school

Hi, my name is Briana Lievanos, I wanted to share my story of how I got accepted into PT school because it is not a traditional path. During this journey, I have learned so much about myself and about the physical therapy career and in retrospect, I realized my adventure was right for me. I also wanted to do this blog because now being part of the accepted system family; I know that I am not the only one overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and balancing life while applying to different PT schools.

So my journey start back in 2015 when I had applied to two PT schools, I had graduated with my undergrad from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and moved back home to El Paso, Texas to finish up some prerequisites classes and also get a job as a PT technician at an outpatient clinic.  To my great devastation, I did not get accepted into PT school at this time. This led me to do some reflection on myself and my PT career. What was my next step? What do I need to change to get...

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