ONE Small Change Can Have a BIG Impact!

       I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was as much of a blessing as it was for me! I would like to share with you a brief Pre-PT and Life lesson I learned from a Black Friday chat with a Best Buy Employee just hours after the food was settling in. As I was waiting to be checked out, I got into a casual conversation with an employee that soon turned to a deep discussion about life and success.

       He went on to tell me how he blew an amazing opportunity while playing college football as a wide receiver. It was the kind of opportunity that would have likely ended with him going pro. However, a few mistakes completely altered his trajectory. During his first year of college, he did not take his academics seriously, and this led to him losing a major scholarship as well as an opportunity to play professionally. Following that, he spent some time in the military where he learned the power of habits. He said, "Joses, there is nothing...

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