Three Things to Do if You Don’t Get into Physical Therapy School

"If no one has told you lately, I believe in you."

So, the time for applying to physical therapy school is over. This cycle has passed, and you didn’t get in. The resounding question in your mind asks, “Now what?” I mean, you put damn near everything into your preparation for getting into a program. All the prerequisite classes, observation hours, GRE studying, and extracurricular activity led you to this moment. It feels like it was all for no reason doesn’t it? You would have been better off going down an easier career route. This isn’t really for you, and you are not really meant to be a physical therapist. At least, this is what the negative voice in your head is saying. Let’s face the facts, rejection sucks. It can be that guy or girl you had a crush on who put you in the friend zone. It could be the one time you tried to use your debit or credit card, and it was rejected or declined due to insufficient funds. In this situation, it is the...

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