What is Physical Therapy?

In one sentence, physical therapists optimize function and movement to its maximum potential, before and or after an injury.

We are a Doctoral profession that undergoes 3 intense years of graduate school, followed by continuing education to understand how to help the body properly heal itself. We do this to become the number 1 doctor patients run to when pain is keeping them from doing what they love to do. Let’s face it: unless it’s a traumatic emergency situation, pain will not drive you to see any doctor. Pain is always present, but when pain becomes a roadblock to your favorite activities, that is when you will seek out help. Physical therapists are the best doctors around for those musculoskeletal problems.

Physical therapy is an extensive field which I like comparing to martial arts. Fighting is fighting, however martial arts is a specific type of combat, and within martial arts there are different subsets and specialties such as karate, jiu...

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