A Day in the Life of a Kinesiology Club President

Beep! Beep! Beep!” The day starts as early as 4:30 in morning. First thing I do is take a sip of coffee and check my agenda to see what I wrote from the night before. I use my agenda as my “playbook” and follow through with the plays to score or defend the best I know how. By holding myself accountable, I am able to finish everything I wrote down. I see that I have my chemistry test at 8:30am, lower extremity assessment quiz at 10am, and from 11:00-11:45am, I will be preparing for a upper extremity assessment practical. I know I’m ready for all of them because I have prepared myself for any and all questions that the professor asks about the covered content. Oh- and I have a therapeutic modality quiz the next day.

Scanning my agenda again, I see I have a meeting for the Kinesiology club at noon. I go over the PowerPoint that will be presented and revise if needed.  I add that I will talk to the club about volunteer opportunities in outpatient/inpatient care and remind everyone of the events coming up such as the LA marathon and Autism Awareness run/walk. I write up a job opportunity for the clinic I work for to help bring in new and eager to learn physical therapy technicians. I send that out to the kinesiology secretary to send to all kinesiology majors. On my agenda, I notice I wrote a note to myself to take twenty minutes to prepare for a chemistry pre-laboratory quiz at 1:00pm after the noon meeting. I use lunch time to answer back emails from volunteer opportunities for the club and responses from prospective DPT programs that I had asked questions to. I also write reminders for myself to drink water and to remember to eat. Sometimes I get so busy during my daily routine I forget that I have not eaten or that I haven't drank any water. I like to hold my friends and family accountable for this too, so I’ll send a reminder text to them on my lunch to drink water.

"..their stress is not worth getting me off my game and preventing me from not being in the right state of mind.."

I leave for school around 7:45am to give myself enough time to get there. My drive consists of listening to podcasts such as Pre -PT Grind, PT PintCast, The Hunt for Greatness with Greg Todd, APTA Podcast, sports motivation podcast, and Victor Prep to get ready for the GRE coming up in the end of June for me. Some drivers are bobbing and weaving trying to get somewhere- do I blame them? No. Do I blame the guy behind me honking and screaming? No. All I do to those people is smile and wave because their stress is not worth getting me off my game and preventing me from not being in the right state of mind for the test and quizzes I am about to take.

“Whatever you do in the kinesiology field, be positionless.”

I arrive at school and the first thing I do is get to my testing area and zone in. I give myself a quick motivational pep talk about why I am doing this. It is not to benefit me, but to benefit those who I will help in the future as a future physical therapist. The kinesiology meeting comes and I talk to the group about the exact pep talk I give myself. I tell everyone in the club, “Whatever you do in the kinesiology field, be positionless. If you are interested in physical therapy and a DPT program wants 80 hours of volunteering, you should be volunteering for about 160 hours in different settings. If you don’t have a strong cumulative GPA, your last 60 credit hours of courses and prerequisite GPA should be solid. Be well-rounded so when you apply to graduate school, you are a FIRST ROUND draft pick."

We then discuss the importance of finding someone that has been successful in the class you may be struggling with to help mentor you along the journey of succeeding in that class. I encourage them to not be afraid to reach out to others- whether they are in the field or their classmates. I want to them to use the club as a networking tool to help them later in life because they never know who they could form meaningful relationships with. There could be members of the club now who will help them out down the road. We then end the meeting with a few icebreakers. I clean up the space we used for the meeting and jump right back into my studying. I dominate my pre-lab quiz and I use the motivation from that to dominate in my studying later that day. 6:00pm comes around and I’m finally home. I jump on a power call with one of my mentors and he assures me of what I am doing as Pre-PT student but says I can do so much more. I ask what else I can do to continue to work on my personal development. He then encourages me to start a blog so that people can hear my story. Which brings us full circle here. I’m looking forward to eventually creating my own new blog by a “Positionless Pre-PT.”

-Nate Navas


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