How To Make Extra Money As A Pre-PT And PT Student!

Let’s face it, undergraduate loans and future graduate school loans all ADD UP. It can almost feel like you’re drowning in money that you don’t have. One of the biggest questions we get from pre-PT students is: “How can I make more money before I start PT school? And what about when I’m a PT student?” What’s a good “side hustle”?

Who DOESN’T want to make money? While having money right now in the present is great, you have to think about the bigger picture too. Looking at the bigger picture will allow you to not only stand out as a pre-PT applying to PT school, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for a successful career. Even as a PT student, learning how to earn extra money while killing it in PT school will make you that much more valuable!

What are some different ways to make money that you’ve heard of? What would be a good source of revenue? Here are some different side hustles that we think are good avenues for making some extra money:

Rehab aide/PT tech

This is definitely one of the most common ways that pre-PT and PT students make extra money. Some pre-PTs work while they’re still taking undergraduate classes and not only make money, but they also gain valuable experience working in the physical therapy field! Another plus- if you form good relationships with the PTs that you work with, they might even write you a letter of recommendation for PT school! As a PT student, working as a rehab aide/PT tech is helpful because you can apply what you’ve been learning to what you’re seeing in the clinic. Clinics also might have flexible hours- you can work weekends, or even the occasional 4pm-8pm shift.


Do you enjoy writing? Do you already have a personal blog set up? Did you know you can make some extra money writing blogs for some companies? This could be a great opportunity, especially if you have experience with writing blogs!


This is another solid choice! Especially if you enjoy driving your car around and listening to music. You can make your hours whenever (it’s very flexible) and you can also be a driver while you’re in PT school.

Sell your stuff on Facebook Market/Ebay

Let’s be honest.. you probably have a ton of stuff laying around your room that you can get rid of. But instead of throwing it out or donating it, why not sell it for a reasonable price on Facebook market or Ebay? Easy money right there! 

Mowing lawns/shoveling snow

There’s nothing wrong with asking if anyone needs help with mowing their lawn or shoveling! Most people hate the cold and would rather NOT shovel their driveway, so why not earn some extra cash doing this? You will also be SERVING others- especially those who are physically not able to do so!


Similar to Uber, but you deliver things/food/groceries to people. If you’re someone who likes to go grocery shopping, then check out Instacart! If you want to deliver food to people, try out Postmates or Doordash. 

Camp Counselor

If you’re a pre-PT or PT student who has summers off, why not spend it working at a summer camp? You’ll get paid to interact with kids, soak up some sun, and be active! 

Some other possibilities to consider:

  • Musician
  • Tutoring
  • Personal trainer
  • Digital marketing/social media management
  • Medical transcribing
  • Research assistant
  • Anatomy lab teaching assistant


Why are side hustles important to have? Well, the first question you really need to ask yourself is HOW badly do you need/want this? If you’re willing to start a side hustle, are you going to be picky with what you get, or take any opportunity presented to you? Are you just going to go through the motions, or REALLY do your job well? You have to be hungry. You have to want it more than anyone else. Not only will these side hustles help you earn some extra cash, but these are things you can put on your resume/application for PT school.   

In another sense, side hustles almost serve as a training ground for developing as a physical therapist. Balancing your side hustles with academics and all other aspects of your life is training you for the challenge of managing your time as a PT student and future physical therapist. You’re also practicing to SERVE people at a high level before you are practicing as a physical therapist. If you are learning to take on more of a “load” to balance and manage your time while taking on these side hustles, it will set you up for success down the road. Don’t wait to be a physical therapist first before you start serving somebody. Start serving people through your side hustle and utilize those opportunities to grow as a pre-PT and SPT! 

Thank You For Your Attention!

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