I'm Writing This For You - Part 1

To the girl or guy who feels UNSTOPPABLE.

I know you may or may not have always felt this way. This feeling probably took years to seconds to develop. You’ve finally built up self-confidence and your self-esteem to its highest level and more. Just know, that I’m proud of you. Your approach to stepping over stones, brick walls, and shattered bridges is fearless. For you know how to muster up the faith and courage to knock barriers down and put your best foot forward. You become uncontainable.
You are your own enemy in this race of life and your journey into physical therapy school. What you’ve gone through in your past has molded you into this triumphant being. You take the leaps, not when it’s convenient or when the feeling is right, but you just do it. The feeling of freedom is right at your fingertips. And that’s what being unstoppable is about. But maybe in the chapter of being unstoppable, you face a bigger demon and it wins; but what you learn from it is everything. You do not think of this as a defeat, but you grow an inch taller because you’ve taken that collapse, and you’ve learned from it.
"You are your own enemy in this race of life and your journey into physical therapy school."
You take control of situations and you remain hungry for what’s next. Right now, as a physical therapy student, I’m already looking for what’s next for me. I’m prepared for the days ahead: the long nights in the library, the tears, the headaches, and the sleepless night. I’m ready. I’m UNSTOPPABLE.
But for those of you who don’t feel this way.. You’ve made it this far in your pre-PT journey. Who can stop you? No one. You’re in control of your dreams. Face your doubts and your fears and continuously tell yourself, that you will not be stopped.
- Jazmine J. Long

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