If You Stay In Your Head, You're Dead!

Sometimes as pre-PT students, we get into our own heads when any major or minor thing happens. We overthink it until we basically send ourselves down a “hole.” Some of us have a really hard time coming out of that hole when we overthink things and start to doubt ourselves. Sometimes you might need a little help from other people who have been in your specific situation to help you OUT of that hole.

 "Get out of your HEAD and get into TUNNEL VISION MODE. You are CAPABLE!"

Let’s say you are preparing to take the infamous GRE. You invest a lot of time studying for it so you can put yourself in the best position to get into physical therapy school. You take practice exams, you go over practice questions, you buy the GRE workbook, and you practice writing the essays. But what happens when you get in your OWN head while you’re taking the actual GRE test? What if, all of the sudden, you get stuck, or blank out during it? This internalization of fear and anxiety can lead you to actually BELIEVE you are not capable of doing well on that GRE test.This is a prime example of “getting into your head” or “staying in your head.”

Another thing almost all pre-PTs do is compare themselves to other applicants in their position. You analyze everything about yourself and another applicant applying to the same school you are. You might ask about their “stats”- their experiences, observation hours, GRE scores, physical therapy work experience, extracurricular activities, you name it! While it’s okay to ask other people that, you simply cannot let this information get in your head. You can't let it get to you. You can’t compare yourself to others. You can’t let all of the hard work you’ve put into becoming the best possible PT applicant go to waste simply because you’re comparing yourself. You are unique in your own ways, and you have to trust that everything you have done and all of the opportunities you have had up to this point will put you in the best position to get into physical therapy school. 

If you stay in your head, you are setting yourself up to not even have a chance at reaching your potential. You can relate this back to anything going on in your life right now- it doesn’t just have to be pre-PT related. Whatever it is for you, don’t over analyze everything. You will get into your head and you won’t take any action. If you can’t handle these kind of feelings now, what will happen once you get into PT school? If you really think about it, the whole physical therapy admissions cycle is a test. These schools are putting you through the gauntlet now to see if you can handle the application process. They want to see if you can handle the stressors of applying to PT school and hopefully handle the stress that will be thrown at your when you’re a future SPT.

While it’s normal to have these thoughts sometimes, you have to remember that you ARE capable of anything. Whether that’s taking the GRE, getting that A in Chemistry, or even GETTING INTO PT SCHOOL. Stay out of your head! Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. Find a podcast or book that helps you stay motivated. Write down your fears. Write down your weaknesses. Write down your strengths. Write down your goals. Get out of your HEAD and get into TUNNEL VISION MODE. You are CAPABLE!


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