Inside The Process of Becoming a Unique Applicant

PT schools: “We want someone unique, different. We want someone who stands out."

Every Pre-PT:  “How should I stand out?”

PT schools: “Oh, just get your GRE up. Get a higher GPA and more observation hours” (the same advice cycle after cycle)

Your professors, your advisors, and the PT schools are saying, “be different" or "be unique.” But then they're giving you the same advice, cycle after cycle, but expect something different. I liken this to the parable that says, basically, “If you're given a fish eat for a day if you're taught how to fish, eat for a lifetime.” They're not really teaching you how to fish. They're just giving you food, they're not teaching you how to hunt. They're just giving you surface-level answers. But not really teaching you anything of substance, then they get frustrated because they're not getting unique, different applicants, then you get frustrated because you listen to them, then you apply with their own advice. And everybody else is just up in arms and, and now everybody is frustrated. Because that cycle of whatever you're doing keeps going and going. 


However, at Pre-PT Grind, in the Accepted System, we’ve done things differently. More specifically we've taught you how to fish. We're not just giving you the same answers that you've been getting cycle after cycle, blog after blog, year after year, we're teaching you how to fish. We're teaching you the reason behind everything. We're teaching you how they think, how the schools actually operate and why they think the way they do. We’re teaching you why these systems are in place and why things are important. We're teaching you why is the GRE important? Why is the GPA even at that level? Why do they care about letters of recommendation? What is PTCAS? What is accreditation? Why is that important? What does PT have to offer? What is the APTA? How does this whole thing even work? What is the research behind students being predicted to have success or failure in PT school? So when you go to apply and complete all their requirements, you have a deeper understanding of why it's important. So not only do you do better on their requirements, like the GRE, GPA, the observation hours, the letters, PTCAS, etc. but then you go in there speaking, emailing, doing campus visits your interviews at a deeper level because you know them better than they know themselves. Because we taught you how to fish. 

As you prepare for PT school don’t let frustration get the best of you. Just remember your the well-equipped Fishermen and they’re the fish.

Thank You For Your Attention!

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