Received a Low Grade in a Prerequisite Class..What's Next?

So, you ended up getting a low grade in a prerequisite course. A required course to get into PT school. What happens now? What do you do next?

#1- You have to know why you got the low grade in the first place

You first have to figure out if you actually understand why you didn’t do well in that class. Why didn’t you get the grade you wanted? Were you motivated? Did you like the class? Did your professor not teach it well? Did you not understand the material? What was it about that class that caused you to get a low grade? Understanding the answers to these questions is a crucial first step. If you want to raise/continue to raise your GPA, you HAVE to understand those answers. You have to attack your weaknesses in order to bounce back.

#2- Attack the weaknesses that led you to get that low grade

Was it your motivation or interest level? Did you have other things in life going on at that time? Was sleep more important? Was going out more important? Did you have a job that you had to uphold? Did you have the right people in front of you?

If understanding the material was a weakness for you, you make have to attack that and seek out help. Maybe that means you visit the professor during office hours and seek out their help. Or you might spend some extra time with a tutor. Because if you just retake the class and don’t do anything to try to fix your weaknesses, nothing’s going to change and you’ll be back next semester struggling to get the grade you want. The biggest improvement you will see will be when you attack those weaknesses.

Inside the actual class material itself, what was your weakness? So, say you are taking Physics. What about Physics was hard? Was it the equations? Is it the time you have to study? Was it a specific topic that challenged you the most? Inside that specific class, you have to dig deep even further to find out what those weaknesses are. Because if you take Physics again and just do well in that first half but you still struggle with it during the second half, you’re going to be in the same place. You have to attack that weakness deeper inside the class in order to really make that change and boost up that grade.

#3- You have to have an A+ mindset

Even if you have got a D or F before, if you are retaking a class, you HAVE to have that A+ mindset. You got to have a mindset that you’re getting an A+ no matter what. If you don't have that mentality, then why are you even retaking it? What’s the point? You’re just throwing away money and wasting time. If you’re trying to just go from a C to a B-, what’s that going to do? What’s that going to do for your GPA? If you had A+ mindset, getting an A no matter what, you’ll get that A. And even if you don’t, you are setting your goal high and shooting for the best grade you can possibly get. DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT!

#4- Surround yourself with the right people

You have to surround yourself with people that motivate and support you constantly. If you have the right people around you, whether it’s us at Pre-PT Grind, whether it’s our podcast, YouTube videos or blogs, whether it’s your own group, or whether it’s your classmates, you will put yourself in a better position to achieve your goals and get into PT school.

#5- You have to have a PLAN

You probably have a reason for “why” you want to go into physical therapy. But after that, if you don't have a plan, then your “why” means nothing. There are thousands of pre-PT’s out there who have the same dream as you. Who want to go to PT school just like you. Who maybe have had the same injury you did. Who had their mom go to physical therapy and now she can walk again after her injury. Everybody has a why. Everyone has a dream. If you don’t have a plan to carry it out, so what? You’ll be sitting on a couch with your same dream in a couple years. Whether your plan is following these past 4 steps  or whether your plan is something totally different, make sure you stay disciplined and follow your plan!

So that’s it- those are the 5 most important steps. The most important takeaway is to have a plan. Have a plan starting now and write down some goals that help you execute the plan. You have to have a plan or you're just gonna be sitting on the couch with a why. With a dream. START NOW!


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