The Key To Making Your PT Dream Worth The Financial Investment

Check out some wise words from one of our mentors, Greg Todd!

"The reason why I can train students however I want is because I get the people.  I do the marketing and the advertising, not having to rely on anybody to get them for me. Therefore, nobody can tell me that I cannot play music at my conferences because I'm in charge of marketing and advertising. If we want to be able to help people, we can do it in a way that we see fit but we must learn a set of skills.  I have created a program for those that want to learn these skills. Particularly for healthcare professionals, whether you are going to go into PT or other areas. It's proven and tested. It is called the 2021 healthcare challenge.

You can impact so many people through pushing forward with your dreams of becoming a physical therapist but just adding one more thing to it. Just add this one more thing and you can make it sound so good for yourself, your patients, and your community. The program will teach you skills that will challenge you because they are not going to teach you these skills in school. However, when you understand, you can use the skills and the gifts that you must be able to serve people at a very high level. The amount of income that you can generate is phenomenal.

I make a phenomenal amount of money a month without having to see any patient and that is available to you as well. Unless you think I'm privileged because of my skin color or because I am an immigrant. That is available to every single one of you, but you must decide on whether you are going to listen to what I say.  This is not what most other pre-PTs do. Most of the pre-PTs focus on their application. So, you may be thinking it's not your time to do it right now.  So, you will wait until the next stage, in PT school. Then you will need to focus on the boards. As a physical therapist, you may say that you are just starting out and that you would like to get the first few years in to get good at treating. Then suddenly you find yourself being the very physical therapist that complains and tries to talk other properties off the ledge of ever getting into the profession of their dreams. You have a choice, decide what you want. 

Every pre-PT who is struggling financially should understand that you are going to have to figure out a way that you're going to have to give so much more value to people than what you're taking from people.  My program teaches the ways that create the most value currently in the United States. If you want to learn how to create more value for people, my advice is for you to learn the skills and if you can understand that then there should be no problems with your profession at all. In fact, you'll love it that much more. I don't think I've seen a PT 20 years into their profession and still loving the profession. So that should be an indicator that we have to adapt. You must change, there are only a few people that understand this. The others say things like “it's not what it used to be” but you can take charge of your life as a pre-PT and you can start now."

-Greg Todd

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