My Pre-PT Story: Dr. Casey Coleman, PT, DPT

My PT story begins with the difficult choice between pharmacy and physical therapy. Like most people, I looked for career choices that would provide what everyone looks for in an ideal profession: money, free time, and fulfillment. After high school, I had the opportunity to be a part of the WalgreensChicago College of Pharmacy Career Explorers Program summer internship hosted by Midwestern University, which influenced me to enter my college years as a pre-pharmacy major. Although the classes weren’t terribly challenging, I felt anxious about my major for most of my freshman year. Later that year, I began to research and look into physical therapy again and realized that I made a mistake and was simply blinded by the dollar signs in the pharmacy career path. Physical therapy is the field that would not only bring food to the table, but also enable me to make a more meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Crossing My Fingers

My university has a 3+3 program in...

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As a native born Kenyan, a question that frequently eluded my upbringing was simply, “aren’t you supposed to be a phenomenal runner?” This is of course in reference to the rich history of Kenyan marathoners who never fail to disappoint when it comes to showcasing their consistent ability to win and win big. In response to this question, I have often found myself responding with a clever, “every champion needs a fan, I happen to be just that.” Honestly speaking however, this has become much more than a clever response, it became my excuse. I somehow came to the conclusion that in regards to my physical fitness, I was meant to simply be nothing more than a bystander, a “fan.”

Many of our goals, resolutions, and ambitions are at times erased by our self-doubts and excuses. “I definitely can’t do that because of__________,” or “I can’t compare with how ____________ does that.” These along with many other...

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The Top 3 Steps to Mastering Your Pre-PT School/Life Balance

Structure and Balance. These two words mean a lot to us as pre-PT students and DPT students. But what exactly are the the top 3 steps to mastering your pre-PT school/life balance?

  1. Balance doesn’t exist, but priorities do

Even if you’re doing multiple things simultaneously, you’re still not doing them all at the same time. Even in that midst of multitasking, you’re turning off your attention to one thing as your switch your attention to another. If you’re doing 2 things, you’re putting in 50% to each of those things. If it’s 3 things, you’re putting in 33% to each one. Each time you add another, you are reducing your ability to focus on your PRIORITIES.

You might have a ton of different opportunities presented in front of you and might be thinking, “How can I possibly balance and manage all of these things at once?” But what is important to you? What are your priorities? Are you aware of your priorities? Have you wrote...

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