I’m Writing This For You- The Finale

"Everyone wants success. However, there are a few of us out there who aren’t willing to prepare for it."

I’m writing this for you. For the one who is looking forward to July 3, 2019. The day PTCAS rolls out it’s red carpet, welcoming all of its applicants. For some, this is unknown territory and for others this could be your second or third time applying.

I know you’re preparing for this day as best as you know how. Maybe you had to retake a couple of classes to get that GPA a tad bit higher. There are some of you who had to retake the GRE, gain more observation hours, or ask that professor for a letter of recommendation.

Whatever it may be. I’m just here to tell you to RELAX. That day is coming, and I know the feeling of anxiety and the pressure that comes with it. You see, you’ve prepared for this and if you prepared accordingly, you’re ready.

"Show them that your foundation is rock solid, and that you’ve been preparing for this day."

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I'm Writing This For You - Part 4

To you, and for you.

"Failure is needed, it hurts to say that out loud, but it is. This is where we can discover the weakest link in ourselves and strive to make that very particular aspect about us better."

To the one who has failed. This can be anything from tests, relationships, unfulfilled promises …and the list continues on forever. But there’s one lesson that failure has taught me, and that’s to not settle and surrender at the altar of failure. It’s easy to give up on something. We’ve all been at the foot of failure, but it’s what we do after this point that determines the overall outcome for us.

I often find myself pondering on what my life would be like at this very moment, if I would have given up on going to physical therapy school to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. To be honest with you, I have no clue how life would be.

Failure is needed, it hurts to say that out loud, but it is. This is where we can discover the weakest link in...

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What's In My Physical Therapy School Backpack

By now, you have carried a backpack through middle school, high school, and college; how could physical therapy school be any different? Here are a few things you can keep on hand so you’re always prepared.

Bag: You don’t have to get fancy. If you commute to and spend all day at school, you may want a bigger bag to take all of your things. However, if you live on campus, you may be able to get away with a smaller choice. Lots of pockets seem to be the best for me.

Laptop: My MacBook Pro is an absolute everyday essential for me. Almost all classes have some sort of online component so you can’t go without a laptop. My snap-on case keeps it protected from scratches. Always keep a charger handy as well.

Phone: C‘mon now…… you’re probably reading this on your phone.

Gait belt & Goniometer: You never know when your teachers will spring a pop quiz where you need to measure hip flexion or ambulate a patient who has...

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I'm Writing This For You - Part 3

To the girl or guy who feels ANXIOUS

I’m there. This week I literally took a left turn onto Anxiety Boulevard. I know you’ve felt this way, one day or another. I just wanted to let you know, that you aren’t alone and that we’ve all been there. The feeling of an uncertain outcome, is where that anxiety starts to kick in full speed in the last gear. Our deepest thoughts become surrounded with the “what if’s” and “but’s”. We start to second guess ourselves and the journey that lies ahead of us.
I’m here to tell you to: Stop and Breathe. This feeling is on us, and it’s up to us to control this feeling. Why do we feel so damn anxious, and how can we settle this feeling?
Is it because we aren’t confident? Is it because we’re lacking this or that? The truth of the matter is that we’re asking ourselves all of these questions, that we’re becoming trapped to all of the unknown...
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I'm Writing This For You - Part 2

To the girl or guy who feels like GIVING UP.

I’ve been there too and the feeling sucks. I know you feel defeated. I know you want to throw in the towel. Everything about this feeling sucks. Maybe you didn’t receive the grade you thought you deserved, or maybe you didn’t get that GRE score needed for that one school. I know how you feel and you aren’t alone. I’ve wanted to give up so many times, and as a matter of fact, I recently felt like giving up.
I finally completed my first week of physical therapy school, and to be honest with you...it was tough. I started to second guess this journey, because of the unfamiliar territory. And I knew that was nothing but my mind playing tricks on me, and I had to tackle this mentality. I made a couple of crucial adjustments, and I reminded myself of why I was here and of my purpose.
I realized that I worked too damn hard to be in this position today, and you have too! Wherever you are on this journey...
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7 Tips to Survive Cadaver Lab

For all of you SPT's that are about to start PT school this month, this summer, or even this upcoming fall, this blog is for you! As physical therapists, we are the HUMAN BODY MOVEMENT EXPERTS! Therefore, we basically have to know everything about our body and how it moves.

With PT starting around the corner, that means CADAVER LAB! This is an awesome opportunity to learn about the human body and see how special it really is. We want to give you a few tips on how to survive the cadaver lab:


1. You’re not the only one freaked out: Others in your class are just as nervous as you are about the experience. Knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing these emotions should give you some sense of comfort. It's sobering experience, but remember, each person chose to donate their body to science. They want you to learn from them!

2. Watch video dissections: Having an idea of what you will be working with will accustom you to what you will...

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I'm Writing This For You - Part 1

To the girl or guy who feels UNSTOPPABLE.

I know you may or may not have always felt this way. This feeling probably took years to seconds to develop. You’ve finally built up self-confidence and your self-esteem to its highest level and more. Just know, that I’m proud of you. Your approach to stepping over stones, brick walls, and shattered bridges is fearless. For you know how to muster up the faith and courage to knock barriers down and put your best foot forward. You become uncontainable.
You are your own enemy in this race of life and your journey into physical therapy school. What you’ve gone through in your past has molded you into this triumphant being. You take the leaps, not when it’s convenient or when the feeling is right, but you just do it. The feeling of freedom is right at your fingertips. And that’s what being unstoppable is about. But maybe in the chapter of being unstoppable, you face a bigger demon and it wins; but what...
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Trust Your Journey

“...seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen .”-Nipsey Hussle

I didn’t really realize what I had achieved, until now. This past weekend, I travelled over 15 hours and over 800 miles to get to my new home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend physical therapy school. That’s right, I packed up my car and smooth sailed with my mother as the passenger, until I reached the home of the eagles. Even now, as I’m writing this blog...everything seems surreal. Like, how did I actually end up here?

It’s the hard work. It’s the dedication. It’s the patience. It’s the consistency. I didn’t arrive at this place overnight. It took getting denied from over 9 physical therapy programs, the first application cycle. Over the past year, my patience was tried and interminable as I had to retake 5 prerequisite courses. I know now that my...

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How to Make the Most out of Your Time as a Pre-PT Student

Productivity. What comes to mind when you see that word? We want to help you make the most out of your time because there’s only a few months left until the new PTCAS cycle opens up. And when that time comes around..our Pre-PT Grind messages ALWAYS tend to blow up saying, “How I’m going to do this? How do I do that?” So, we do have time, but really... we don’t have that much time.

So, how do we make the most out of it? We want to run through some steps of how to be productive and make use out of your time, especially now leading up to when that PTCAS cycle opens. Pretty soon, deadlines for applications will be rolling through and you might start freaking out, not knowing what to do. We want to run through some different tips that will help you be more productive as a pre-PT student.

  1. Make a list and just get it done

Write down the things you need to get done and cross them off as you go. Do what you need to do in order to make sure you get as much...

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Hope Changed Me

“Once you chose hope, anything’s possible”. -Christopher Reeve 

You want to know the secret to how I got into physical therapy school?  My hope is what got me into physical therapy school. Trust me, I know applying to PT school is expensive, but the cost of hope was and still remains free. As a matter of fact, it changed my entire perspective on what patience truly meant. Think about this, what is patience, if you do not have the hope for a winning outcome?

I’d be lying if I said that I always remained hopeful, hope wasn’t always on my side, especially when it came to my pre-pt journey. After being rejected the first cycle I applied, I honestly lost all of what was left. My journey became dark, meaningless, and incomprehensible. I became lost and fearful of a future, which at that point wasn’t even promising to me. I felt like the odds were against me and becoming a physical therapist was no longer for me.

"Hope for a better today....

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